The Dinner Party (Black Cat Adventures - Series 1 Book 4)

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Good Times - The Dinner Party

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The Scene : All kinds of strollers appear here; young couples putting together their first place, families with kids, and the just-moved-in look for ways to make their abodes unique. Inside Info : Grab an adorable mini cookie at the register while you shop. Baan Thai rests quietly above a sushi spot and specializes in serving traditional Thai food. The chef wanted to return to her roots and move away from tired Americanized Thai. For a good reason: he transformed into Cat Noir to prepare a candlelight dinner for Ladybug. Ladybug and Cat Noir must not get cold feet if they want to stop him.

In the midst, Marinette comes to know Cat Noir's genuine and sensitive side. Marinette helps Alya babysit the latter's twin sisters, Ella and Etta. When they keep staying up and refuse to go to bed, Alya forbids them from going to the amusement park the next day and confiscates one of their hats. The twins, sad over the fact they now can't go the amusement park and have to listen to their older sister's orders, are fighting over the other hat, then Hawk Moth akumatizes them both into "Sapotis", a pair of small but totally unpredictable monsters that multiply and cause havoc.

Ladybug gives the Miraculous to Alya, who, with the command of Trixx the kwami, transforms into the fox-themed superheroine, "Rena Rouge". After the three heroes overcome the Sapotis menace, Alya reluctantly returns the Fox Miraculous to Ladybug and keeps the details of her adventure a secret. However, a new superhero made Hawk Moth realize that there are more Miraculouses in Paris, as well as their Guardian.

Adrien sneaks out to watch a particular movie, Solitude , in which his mother plays the lead role, but gets mobbed by a group of fans and runs into Marinette in her pajamas who's supposed to go to the swimming pool, making the fans believe that he has a girlfriend. Meanwhile, Gabriel suspects his son may be Cat Noir because of the ring. He sends Adrien's bodyguard to find him, but when his efforts proved too slow to Gabriel, he transforms into Hawk Moth and decides to akumatize the frustrated bodyguard to get faster results.

Adrien's bodyguard becomes "Gorizilla", a giant ape with enormous strength and a keen sense of smell, and does what he can for Hawk Moth. Ladybug jumps into action to save Adrien, while the latter tries to hide and transform into Cat Noir to help Ladybug. In the end, when the villain is defeated, Gabriel is convinced he was wrong about Adrien being Cat Noir since he saw both of them at the same time but he actually saw one of Adrien's fans, Wayhem, who disguised himself as Adrien with his helmet on.

When the real Adrien returns home, Gabriel shows him the movie he wanted to watch, in order to gain more of his trust. Today is Paris' music festival , Marinette and her friends are all setting up at the Couffaine houseboat.

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Juleka's mother, Anarka, will direct the stage. However, Marinette worries about Adrien, since his father has isolated him again after making a mistake in his piano act. In spite of Alya's reassures, Marinette goes to find Juleka's brother, Luka, and discovers they share similar hobbies and feels attracted to him. When Luka strums his rock guitar on the microphone, it causes a huge sound wave creating a disturbance in Paris, which prompts Officer Roger and the police to disqualify Anarka's stage performance otherwise.

Upset and disoblige, Anarka is akumatized by Hawk Moth and becomes "Captain Hardrock", a pirate who wants to blast her music across Paris, ruining all the music concerts. After Adrien plays a duet with his father following the defeat of Captain Hardrock, Adrien is allowed to join the music group after discovering a piano amongst the packages. After being called out for it, she messes up Marinette's gift.

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When Marinette is privately talked by Miss Bustier in the hall, her protest makes her a target for Hawk Moth. Miss Bustier calms her down, but she ends up akumatized instead. While Ladybug, Cat Noir and Rena Rouge are handling overrun domestic trouble, Kim and a talented swimmer, Ondine, are at the swimming pool when Ondine tries to send a love message to Kim, but he is so dense he leaves without reading it. Sensing Ondine's broken heart, Hawk Moth finds her a perfect prey to akumatize and turns her into " Syren ", a mermaid supervillain flooding the city.

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