Lickety-Split II: A Novel From Nebraska

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When the baby shower is looming, rely on "lickety-split" quilts!

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Laurie Bevan, This is accomplished once he understands that there is guidance for him and all he has to do is listen closely and he will hear the right word. Dean Arnold listens carefully. Gordon Schrempp, Lickety Split, the dinosaur, takes a journey through time from the prehistoric era to modern day. By the time all that chat goes through the optional seven-speed dual-clutch M gearbox, lickety-split , and appears at the back wheels, you are It is very different from travelling aboard, say, a tour bus, viewing the world through windows, at the mercy of lickety-split timetables.

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  8. The story of the night is "Now You See It," where museum spectators discover the Lickety-Split Diamond has been stole just before it's unveiling It helps my work to read poets unlike me. I write all over poetry books and nonfiction books.

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    I bend pages. I abuse them.

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    My husband, who's an 18th-century literature scholar, is horrified. I don't do that to novels because I'm just reading, lickety-split. When do you find time to write?

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    I am blessedly "retired," whatever that means. But I've always had time. I have been most fortunate. I taught for most of my career at a research university that gave me time to write required publication, of course. Now I write a poetry column for the local newspaper and write a poetry commentary for public radio. And I have 10 grandchildren, a year old father to care for, and a husband with multiple physical issues. So as always, I have to insist to myself that I take writing time.

    Which I do, of course, because if I don't, I start feeling irritated and depressed. Do you feel influenced by your peers to produce a certain type of creative work, or do you feel free to follow your own interests and passions? Interesting question. More people like to read prose as we all know , so I feel a bit of pressure to write more essays.

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    Still, poetry is what excites me the most. Describe your writing process. I write most days.

    Bonnie K. Hunter

    Some days not much. I write maybe 2—3 hours, but that's probably an optimistic estimate a lot of the time. I do not listen to anything. That would drive me crazy. I have come to a point that I move to the computer much more quickly than I used to. I do a bit of longhand work first, then actually begin the composing of a poem on the computer. What is the greatest compliment that you could ever receive about your writing? That it's intense, rich, honest, and skillful. That it has some magic in it.

    I also spent quite a few camping spots next to a farm like this one. I took a "spa day" and stopped at the Casper, Wyoming Recreation Center to swim a mile and shower plus use the jacuzzi.

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    I stopped at the Ayres Natural Bridge Park for a free night of camping. Chicory roots look like misshapen turnips and are grown and harvested much like sugar beets. For an interesting story behind why folks couldn't afford coffee and began drinking chicory, click here. And for other sites about chicory as a dietary supplement, click here.

    Lickety-Split II: A Novel From Nebraska

    I used to order roasted chicor y from Community Coffee which sells the famed Orleans Coffee and Chicory blends, but since their chicory is roasted overseas, it's not as fresh-tasting as Nebraska's roasted chicory. This cattle auction caught my eyes while passing through Torrington, Wyoming. And since the capitol building of Illinois was just two blocks from my lickety-split route, I stopped for a quick tour that lasted as long as my last quarter for one-half hour meter parking nearby.

    Yes, my friends who know me well, I really should learn to carry cash and coins with me. And when a local flea market attracted hords of campers for a weekend no campsite vacancies for miles around, long lines of traffic in the opposing lanes , I found myself in need of ANY campground with electricity.